MFA - a key component to achieving Zero Trust
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MFA - a key component to achieving Zero Trust

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a key component to achieving Zero Trust as it adds a layer of security to access a network, application or database by requiring additional factors to prove the identity of users. Though it is important to keep in mind that not all MFA solution are alike.

When selecting an MFA solution it is important to consider the following:
- Ease of use for users - A good MFA solution will not impede productivity but rather enhance it by providing a seamless and convenient user experience.
- Integration capabilities - In order to be effective, an MFA solution must integrate with the systems and applications that users need to access.
- Security and privacy - MFA solutions must be able to protect user data and maintain user privacy.
- Cost - MFA solutions can vary in price, so it is important to select a solution that fits both the needs and budget of an organization.

Organizations should keep these considerations in mind when looking for an MFA solution to ensure that they find a solution that works for them. Many of them are increasingly looking to switch their authentication methods from SMS to FlashCall.

There are several reasons for this. FlashCall is more affordable than SMS. The cost of the FlashCall is 60% smaller than SMS. FlashCall is faster. The FlashCall arrives immediately when the SMS sometimes can take up to 30 seconds. FlashCall cannot be defrauded and cannot be used in the OTP fraud. SMS can contain malicious url links when Flashcall is straightforward.

It's time to switch to the future technology and decrease your costs. Authenticalls solve all your authentication problems. Try the FlashCall way by Authenticalls.