300 FREE daily authentications
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300 FREE daily authentications

Google, a giant in the digital security and two-factor authentication (2FA) sector, has dropped a bombshell on the app developer community. From October 1st, they're slashing their free daily SMS verifications for 2FA from 300 down to just 10.

Does this change have you, an app developer, fretting about unforeseen costs and searching for free 2FA solutions?

Authenticalls: Your Ultimate Free 2FA Solution

In the maze of 2FA service providers, Authenticalls emerges as a beacon for app developers looking for both reliability and cost-effectiveness.

  1. 1. Predictable Budgeting: Authenticalls doesn’t just offer a temporary workaround. We guarantee 300 FREE daily authentications – matching Google's former offer and making us a prime choice for free 2FA services. Our commitment is unwavering, especially towards startups and burgeoning enterprises.

  2. 2. Economical Overages: Surpassing the free 2FA cap of 300 daily authentications? No worries. With Authenticalls, you'll enjoy additional authentications at a flat fee that's a staggering 60% less than most 2FA providers in the market.

Make the Switch Before the Clock Runs Out

With Google’s new policy set to kick in on October 1st, there’s no time to delay. Transition to Authenticalls, and we assure a hassle-free onboarding at no cost.

In Conclusion

Navigating the digital realm's twists and turns can be daunting, but not when you have a robust partner like Authenticalls by your side. Embrace a seamless, budget-friendly 2FA process with us and offer your app users a secure and smooth experience.

P.S. We are Firebase and Flutter friendly 😊