Authenticalls Partners with Mugonat Systems to Improve Cybersecurity in Africa
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Authenticalls Partners with Mugonat Systems to Improve Cybersecurity in Africa

Authenticalls is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Mugonat Systems, a move set to revolutionize cybersecurity and fraud prevention across Africa. This collaboration marries Authenticalls' pioneering phone verification technology with Mugonat Systems' expertise in delivering bespoke software solutions, aiming to significantly bolster online security for African enterprises.

Under this partnership, Authenticalls will provide Mugonat Systems with access to its state-of-the-art flash call verification system and patented voice authentication technology. These tools are designed to offer a seamless, secure, and user-friendly verification process, providing an essential layer of protection for businesses and their clients' sensitive data.

Mugonat Systems will leverage Authenticalls' innovative phone verification services to enhance the user authentication experience, offering an effective countermeasure against online threats prevalent in the African business landscape. This collaboration is expected to replace traditional, less secure verification methods like SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time passwords (OTP) with more robust and secure solutions.

The partnership underscores a shared commitment to enhancing cybersecurity for the African business community, granting them access to cutting-edge technological innovations. Authenticalls' integration into Mugonat Systems' software offerings is poised to improve data security and operational safety significantly.

We are excited about this partnership with Mugonat Systems, as it aligns perfectly with our mission to bolster online security and combat fraud across Africa," said Authenticalls’ COO, Ciprian Baciu. "By combining our advanced verification technology with Mugonat Systems' industry-leading software solutions, we are setting a new standard for cybersecurity in the region.

The strategic alliance between Authenticalls and Mugonat Systems promises to seamlessly incorporate advanced phone verification services into African businesses' operational frameworks, substantially enhancing their cybersecurity measures and elevating the overall user verification experience.

For more information about how this partnership benefits African businesses and to learn more about the advanced security solutions now available, stakeholders are encouraged to get in touch with Authenticalls or Mugonat Systems directly.

About Mugonat Systems: As a leading software development and consulting company, Mugonat Systems is committed to providing innovative software solutions tailored to the unique needs of African businesses. With a focus on technological advancement and excellence, empowers businesses to achieve growth and operational efficiency through innovative software solutions.