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AUTHENTICALLS is the fastest, seamless and the most secure way to authenticate and verify users within seconds.


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Flash call verification is a validation process sharing the same purposes as OTP, 2FA or MFA, validating users, allowing access or approving actions on mobile apps, or web-based content.


Is GDPR a nightmare for you?

Sleep well by stopping data breaches with AUTHENTICALLS.


Tired to fight against fake accounts?

Validate the identity of your users. Simple and efficient at a 60% smaller price then the SMS 2FA alternative.


Trust Your Users!

Validate and protect users against credential theft attacks by adding an extra layer of security to your users' logins.


Stop using dull services!

Use a clean authorized direct route from AUTHENTICALLS for 100% delivery and 200% satisfaction.

Our main premium features

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• Reduced Acquisition Costs
• Seamless Integration
• Enhanced User Experience
• 2FA capability
• Automatic OTP capturing
• IOS and Android integration
• Available on desktop

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Two-Factor Authentication

In a World of insecurity...

To rely only on usernames and passwords to access online accounts is no longer considered safe.

There are daily data breaches all over the globe and the hackers are always discovering new ways to access online accounts.

The best protection is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

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One-time password

Most efficient way to combat account takeover

From financial services and e-wallets to airlines, healthcare, or entertainment mobile apps, account takeover is the biggest form of commercial and data fraud in the world.

The most efficient way to combat account takeover is OTP.

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Call ID

Phone call verification

The user receives an incoming phone call with a voice code supplied by text-to-speech software using this manner.

After that, the user manually enters the code to log in and access the platform or system.

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A quick and cost-effective way to validate users in seconds. It's never been easier to use multi-factor authentication!

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It's simple and quick. Manage our services in one platform.


With minimum user input, phone numbers can be verified.

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